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ACOTTO is a unique upholstery fabric that will satisfy demanding customers looking for elegant interior finishes. The corduroy velvet combined with a waterproof coating guarantees not only comfort but also durability. This fabric is exceptionally soft and delicate, which will surely appeal to those who value comfort and convenience.

Thanks to a special waterproof finish, the ACOTTO fabric is resistant to moisture and dirt. Therefore, it is easy to maintain cleanliness and retains its appearance for a long time. By choosing ACOTTO fabric, you gain not only exceptional aesthetics but also functionality that every furniture owner will appreciate.

The ACOTTO fabric is available in a wide range of colors, allowing you to match it to different styles and tastes. Whether you prefer modern or traditional interiors, with ACOTTO fabric, you can create perfect furniture that will impress any guest. Choose ACOTTO, an upholstery fabric created with demanding customers in mind, and enjoy not only aesthetics but also ease of use.


Discover our nanofiber technology fabric that offers long-lasting color, durability, and resistance to wear and stretching. Our breathable and naturally-feeling fabric is perfect for everyday use and ideal for household furniture.


Our fabrics come with various technological finishes, and our top-rated finishing technology is waterproof. It is a protective coating that provides durable and robust protection against water-based and oil-based stains, pollution, and dry dirt. The best part of our waterproof system is that it retains the fabric's original appearance, color, touch, and breathability, making it easier to maintain cleanliness than other manufacturers' systems.

Composition  100% polyester microfiber
Width 142 +/- 2 CM
Weight 560+/-5 G/MB
Martindale test
EN ISO 12947 1&2
70 000
Color fastness
Pilling resistance 3-4 
Seam shift  2mm warp and weft 
Tear resistance WARP-27.2N
Tensile strength WARP-1116.5N
Peeling resistance WARP-23.6N
Color fastness to rubbing dry 4-5
wet 4-5

Efekt pillingu i mechacenia tkanin jest rzeczą naturalną i niemożliwą do całkowitego wyeliminowania. Pilling is a natural thing and cannot be fully overcome.
Ze względów technologicznych dopuszczalne są różnice w odcieniach kolorów i ich intensywności. For technological reasons, differences in color shades and intensity are allowed.
Wyniki w karcie charakterystyki są średnimi wynikami uzyskanymi podczas przeprowadzonych badań. The results of the Technical Specification are average results obtained during the study.
Migracja barwników z tkanin o intensywnie barwionych i ciemnych na jasne jest nieunikniona. Migration of dyes from intensely dyed and dark to light fabrics is inevitable