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When choosing the right fabric, it is worth taking an interest in the quality and design of the fabric. We have many different variants of style fabrics that meet even the highest requirements of customers. As a result, our style fabrics are distinguished by their durability, vivid colors, varied texture and high resistance to most oil and water stains. Style fabrics are unique yet difficult to produce. Therefore, we use specially composed blends of various types of polyester yarns, which allowed us to discover the true secret and character of style fabrics. As a result, the pure color palette stimulates our imagination and it is much easier and more pleasant. Impressions guarantee the highest level of satisfaction and quality the achievement of which is our top priority. The final challenge for us to achieve is the touch, softness, fluffiness, style and smoothness of style fabrics. We encourage you to check our range of fabrics and express your opinions, which will ultimately help us to improve the quality of our services.

Composition / Složení  100% PES
Width / Šířka 140 CM
Grammage / Gramáž 630 +/-5 G/MB
Martindale Test / Martindaleův test
EN ISO 12947 1&2
52 000
Color Resistance / Odolnost barev
Tear strenght / Pevnost v tahu
EN ISO 13937-3
Pilling / Pilling
EN ISO 12945-2
Tear strenght / Pevnost v tahu
EN ISO 13936-3